Okay, nobody likes technology and gadgets more than me. That's why I chomped at the bit for Samsung's newest offering, the Gaxaxy S4. I'm a bit disappointed in its performance...and I refuse to believe it's user error

First of all, it's a good size phone with a good size screen (4.99 inches), slightly larger than its predecessor. The camera is phenomenal at 13 megapixels (better than some slr cameras) and a quad processor (octo processor with some carriers). Oh, it is great as a phone, too.

For all that's good about this piece of electronic candy it does have downfalls, in my humble opinion.

It's not intuitive (you really need to read up on what it does and how to go about doing it). So far I have not figured out how to use it as a TV remote, which it allegedly can do (not that I need another one...it's just kinda neat). I haven't gotten it to show me the temp or barometric pressure, another pair of neat but equally useless features and, worst of all, I apparently haven't figured how to set the alarm to go off!

This morning I awoke at 4:20 (no pot references, please) and had to scramble. The alarm was set for 3:30 and I don't believe it went off. I checked...no errors...the alarm was set to go off with three snoozes and a sound. I refuse to believe I missed it but I did have it set to play a rather soothing tune as opposed to the normal Super Mario Brothers theme, which never failed me.

In short, my stress level was super high causing me to experience utter panic this morning. I have to believe that this is somehow Samsung's fault and will be seeing my attorney today (if I can find one to take the case). Wish me luck and, as much as I hate you Samsung, I'll never part with my S4. It's the best camera I've ever owned!