I'm going to be brutally honest...the royal baby, the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, et al., I just don't care! Beiber and Swift, I love their music. The royal family, I'm happy for them. The Kardashians, well, let me just say I don't care. Their lives, their loves, their troubles mean nothing to me. I have my own. Entertain me and I'll be happy.

This brings me to my next dilemma. I know, and I've been told, I SHOULD care at least enough to know more about them because of what I do for a living. Truth is, I still can't get interested. I refuse to feign interest in something I have no interest in. I know and understand pop culture but I can't and won't eat, sleep and breath it like some do. I may not know who Taylor Swift is dating or where Bieber just pee'd, but I DON'T CARE! I will report on some of this stuff it I have a punchline to go along with it but, I don't fancy myself reporting it just because somebody might actually care about it.

I don't watch E!, I seldom watch Inside Edition or Entertainment Tonight. Rather, I watch the news because, even though it bores me like it bores everyone else, I think what's happening in this country's government right now far outweigh's anything going on with the latest singer/activists (L'il Wayne recently trampled on the American flag...you couldn't PAY ME enough to go see him....see, I put country before morons like him).

Honestly, I spend most of my off the air time doing stuff related to the show (which doesn't include any television...rather internet surfing) and voicing ads for national and international clients with my voice over business. I could invest hours watching tv or I can write some jokes and make some money. I've chosen the latter.

Okay, now that I've succeeded in angering everyone who is reading this, including my own corporation, let me say I love what I do and will do it as long as I'm wanted. But to pretend I care about the when the next music from Ed Sheeran is "dropping," sorry, it ain't happenin'!