If you want a most excellent ham salad sandwich, you have to start with a good ham. Canned Spam won't cut it. If you have leftover ham from Christmas, that would be perfect. Now, my sure fire recipe that'll keep 'em comin' back for more.

First of all, I'm sorry there's no picture of a completed sandwich. I ate them before I could find my camera. Yep, them. I had two. Such a pig I am. Now, the recipe.

Here's what you need:

1- A Franco American woman® with a food processor (The woman [wife] declined to be photographed for this story.) This isn't sexist. It just happens to be MY recipe :-)

2- Hellman's REAL mayo....not that Miracle Whip crap....ewwwwwwwe

3- Lively's Embellished Relish (made right in Winslow)...available at Pleau's Market, B&F Vegetables, Levesque Pools and other fine locations.

4- Onion

Put ingredients in to suit your taste then mix it...mix it good...mix it into shape...mix it like you should...'cause it's not to late, to mix it....

Anyway, I prefer the finished product on a toasted bulkie roll with chips and a pickle spear. Mmmmm, mmmmm. Good sammich.


Food processor (background- Black & Decker toaster, Keurig coffee machine, K-cups)