To say seeing Lisa Wardwell is an upper is an understatement. She's a bundle of energy, always smiling and always thinking of ways to help the community. She's especially good at helping individuals and has no problem rallying like minded people to help with a cause.

Lisa's dining room

Clearly, Lisa is the heartbeat of Lisa's Restaurant. The things she does speak for themselves. The food she serves speaks of ITself. Plus, when I eat there I'm supporting a local business. That makes me, as Lisa calls it, a LOCALvore. I'm also a CARNIvore, as Lisa well knows, because I can easily wolf down a pound of her grade A crispy bacon in about 30 seconds....but I digress.

Here are a few of my favorite dishes. This might make your next trip to Lisa's a little easier as her menu is expansive. That's exSPANsive, with an A. It is NOT expensive. Quite the contrary.

Oh yeah, the dishes: Teriyaki Steak (made with the old Mike's recipe), Teriyaki burger, honey fried chicken sandwich, BLT (with the BEST bacon...and although I haven't tried it, I understand it's magnificent with slices of avocado on it), chicken name a few!

Usually, I stop into Lisa's for a little good company after work. I'll sit at the bar, have a drink and talk to Lisa, Ashley, Kerrie and whoever's there. There's usually someone I know hanging out. That's where "one and run" comes in. It's a "Lisa" term that I use often.

Hey, see you at Lisa's!