Justin Pillsbury, who was convicted several months ago of murdering Jillian Jones of Augusta in 2013, will not be getting a new trial as asked for by his defense team.

According to Central Maine Online ,

Pillsbury’s attorney, Stephen Smith, argued that the prosecutor’s opening statement in that trial carried racial connotations that are “unavoidable and unacceptable” and probably affected the verdict.

Assistant Attorney General Donald Macomber, in that opening statement, briefly described a scene in which Jones, 24, originally from Bingham, was punched in the head and stabbed in the back before fleeing to the bedroom and finally the bathroom, where she died after suffering 12 knife wounds.

Justice Michaela Murphy indicated that she was satisfied that their had been no racial connotation to any of the statements delivered by the prosecution. The next step in the process will be Pillsbury's sentencing hearing scheduled for July 21. Maine law carries a minimum of 25 years with a maximum of life without the possibility of release.