We were hoping we would get a Christmas song from our friends of 'Karmin.' Nick Noonan, from Old Town, ME and Amy Heidemann of Karmin have released the video to their version of the holiday classic ‘Sleigh Ride.’

Earlier this week we had the audio and that was great, but the video makes our day.

How did the song come about? Amy told Ryan Seacrest that, "We were looking for one that we thought nobody had done or over-covered, and then we also wanted to find one that we could put our little Karmin reggae twist with rapping on." Nick said of the original 'Sleigh Ride,' "It was super stupid catchy, so we were like, ‘Hey, I think we could make this fun.’”

Karmin's 'Sleigh Ride' is spunky and vibrant. The couple share vocal duties, and Heidemann even gets to throw in one of her cheeky raps in which she references gingerbread, eggnog, candy canes, fireplaces, and the Pillsbury dough boy.