Despite the rumors and post you have seen in your social media streams…Singer Katy Perry is not moving to Maine.

The Bangor Daily News was clearly more tenacious that I was looking for one little bit of info on the site that has published the story…and they found it.

The story was Katy was in Portland and just loved it. (Ya…Portland is kinda great.)  So she was going to move! Here is the original ‘story’ from  This is what I suspected and Tony Reaves from the Bangor Daily News did find their disclaimer  ”MBY News is a fantasy news site.  All news articles on are satire or pure fantasy.”

So there you go. On these sites that post 'news' you have to always ask yourself 'does this sound legit?'  In probably it is not.  It is a shocker but not everything on the internet   is real and true.  Sorry.