Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Happy 31st Birthday to Kelly Clarkson! It’s quite amazing when you think of how much she has accomplished after winning American Idol. From “A Moment Like This” to this year’s “Catch My Breath”, it has been a constant string of top 40 hits. Many of which have reached #1.

I’m guessing she will continue major success as she moves forward in her singing career. As for her acting career, remember 'From Justin To Kelly'? Need I say more?

Clarkson puts on a great show. Not a lot of crazy dancers, lasers and hype, just good old fashioned well-arranged songs and a bit of conversation as well.

As from what we’ve seen she has her head on right too. No OUIs, drug convictions or bad relationships that we know of, just a good ol' girl from Texas.

Watch the video, she waves at me in the beginning....<3