We’re at about the half way point between school letting out and it starting again in the fall. As the ups and downs go in summer; our boys staying up later than we do as parents sometimes or having to yank them away from Minecraft, PewDiePie, iPods, DSi etc. I know the first day of school be here and it will be peaceful but at the same time I’ll have this “now-what?” feeling.

We had a great getaway a couple of weeks ago and still have the Great Falls Balloon Festival in mid to late August which we look forward to every year, a trip to the Bridgton Drive-in theater and a promised trip to Funtown/Splashtown before summer is out

Summer is two months of frustration and fun. I just know sooner than I’d like the boys will be off doing things with their friends and driving, they’ll have girlfriends assuming and we as parents won’t be cool to hang out with. Instead of getting stressed, I’m going to try and take deep breaths and cherish maybe the last summer my almost 14 year old Dylan is a “kid.”

I'm just thankful we're not Phineas & Ferb’s parents, with 104 days of summer vacation. My hair would be completely gray if that were the case.