Douglas McFadd, Getty Images

We’re going on a trip next month to Halifax and southwestern New Brunswick and what do you like to do before going on vacation out of town? Aside from tan and get a pedicure, buy new clothes. Just in time, I received a card from Kohl’s in the mail. I know we all get these discount cards, at least those who have their card do. Often you get 15% off, sometimes 20% and occasion you receive a 30% off coupon. This time, I scored a 30% off one.

The best part, not only do you get 30% off everything you also get “Kohl’s Cash” which you can use on your next trip in without restrictions. I must check the small print to see if you can use the Kohl’s Cash along with the 30% coupon. Anyway, it’s great if you like the clearance rack. Literally there are t-shirts for $3. Shall I say it again? Score!

What I think is funny though, the cashier will always point out how much you’ve saved. I feel like saying, no I didn’t save $356, because I wouldn’t have bought the clothes if they weren’t on sale. Kohl’s has great deals if you play the game. Buy with their card, use the coupon, get the “Kohl’s Cash.” And use the Kohl’s Cash. Then watch the mail. My advice would be pay off the card in full, because saving 30% will turn into almost 30% in interest if you don’t. No saving there.

You saved, $356???