Leah Tysse, a phenomenal singer with roots to Maine, took to her facebook page today (Jan. 13) to announce to her fans, that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was shocked and watched her video below. Her uplifting, positive message, speaks to her soul and to what an amazing individual she is.

Leah is a 1993 graduate of Orono High School. I connected with her a few years back, through her mom, who lived in Maine. Leah was promoting her 2007 CD, 'Real Good Fire.' She received an award from the 'Billboard World Song Contest' for Best R&B Song of the Year for her single, 'You Don’t Scare Me.'

Leah told me today, that her mom currently lives near Sugarloaf, moving there after retiring as a Professor at the University of Maine.

Since 1998, Leah has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is a full-time singer, songwriter, and producer.

This is what Leah wrote on her facebook page:

So… I have breast cancer. Although this sounds scary & crazy, I want you to know that I’m in a really really good place with it! For reasons I can’t explain, I feel amazing & super optimistic. I would love for you to think about it the same way. Not only is everything going to be ok (promise), but I feel there is a positive reason I was chosen for this journey. Maybe it’s that I feel compelled to use my platform as an artist to bring awareness, especially for other young women. Hey ladies! Check your boobies!! (for real)

I was diagnosed in November & have had time to do lots of research. My medical team is phenomenal. So far I have had quite the amazing adventure, accepting the challenge, meeting mad cool survivors, overhauling my diet dramatically, soaking in lots of love from supporters and allowing the beauty of the experience to manifest.

I have a 1.6 cm invasive ductal carcinoma tumor with grade 1 cells & an undetermined stage. Later this week I'm having surgery and then we’ll move forward from there. I am sharing because I want you to hear it directly from me. Communication is what I’m after. Please don’t feel like you have to tip toe around the subject with me. Let’s talk about it! I’m super open. If you’d like to watch a quirky-humored video by yours truly on the topic, today’s your lucky day! I would love it if you shared this post.  Much love!

She would love nothing more than if you could share her video above and her story.