OH, Gov. LePage, why do you do this?  While checking out a fighter jet simulation at Pratt & Whitney, the governor was asked "What would you like to do?" According to reports he said "I want to find the Portland Press Herald building and blow it up."

Later on at the event, according to the Kennebec Journal, a WMTW reporter asked the governor if he had any targets. This time LePage answered: "The Press Herald and the Bangor Daily News." The back story is the governor has a strained relationship with some of the press for a while.

Ok, here are my issues. First of all, it has been a while and I think we have all learned that Gov. LePage has a quirky and some irreverent sense of humor. As much as I don’t really care for it from an elected leader, I am sure that no one really thought Gov. LePage was going to get in his own jet and launch a bomb attack.

Second, the newspapers really dug in and looked at all aspects of this story.  If fact, there is a comment from the FBI. Yes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was asked for a comment.  Here is what was said. “Threats of that nature are taken seriously only if they are specific and credible, said Aaron Steps, a supervisory agent with the FBI office in Portland. LePage was specific, but there is no reasonable expectation that he would carry out the threat, Steps said.”  That is our tax dollars hard at work, the FBI spent some time looking at and then commenting on the situation.

Love him or hate him, this is our governor. I really wish he would save that stuff for more private times of his day. I think it reflects poorly on him and our state. It would stop if he stopped giving them these over the top stories to report. But, maybe that is the real plan. Those antics seem to get people taking and looking for that news in the paper and online. I say it is all a secret plan to promote newspaper sales. What do you think?