When I worked at a convenience store back in the mid 90's there were three basic rules for selling alcohol, Still are, I’m sure. The rules were that the person buying has to be of legal age (21) with proof, the person buying has to be coherent, meaning not drunk and it’s a judgment call on the seller and thirdly, you can’t sell after or before hours.

The off hours now in Maine are, 1am to 6am, Monday through Saturday, and not before 9 am on Sunday. I think you can buy until 2am on New Years Eve too? Don’t quote me, I’d have to research.

Liquor selling hours may increase in Maine. There is a bill among many others which is being looked at to change the Sunday hours from 9 am to 6 am and to bring the normal 6 am time to 5 am. The theory being tossed around is that people who work all night or into the wee hours in the morning can buy beer, wine, spirits, etc.

What do you think? Do you think there is enough time in a 24 hour day to get alcohol as it is or do you agree that the selling hours should be changed?

My belief is if you can’t get to a store by 1am to buy or can’t wait until 6am or 9 am on Sunday you just may have bigger problems, just saying.