One of my favorite foods in the world is pizza and one of the best is Cappza’s! Don’t take just my word for it. Cappza’s was voted “Best Pizza in the Greater Waterville Area!" They have other great food too like wings, subs and appetizers. I can't forget to mention the nachos as well, it's all amazing. This is really cool, Chad tells me that they now cater. Every month or so Chad from Cappza's comes in to record a few ads and at the same time brings in food. Had some pepperoni pizza earlier today. It was excellent as usual. Thank you, Chad!

Cappza’s is the sponsor of 'My 3 Songs' weekdays at 4pm. If you win you get a free medium pizza from Cappza’s. Trust me, well worth it. 'My 3 Songs' is a segment where you send us your 3 favorite songs and we play them and on top of the songs we give you prizes. If you can’t wait to win 'My 3 Songs' to have Cappza’s food, just call 873-7770