On first glance it's sort of like an 80's version of 'The Wonder Years.' That was a show that focused on a tween growing up in the turbulent 60's. This new 80's show, 'The Goldbergs,' is set in the mid-80's and the turbulence in this show comes right from the stereotypical 'wacky sitcom' family characters.

The show in style and substance is actually closer to 'That 70's Show' than 'The Wonder Years.'

My favorite line in the opening episode belongs to the sister, after the mom gives the just turned 16 year-old middle son a locket, instead of a car for his birthday. The ever supportive sibling said, "All the cool kids in my grade have mom lockets!" The show also has a 'Wonder Years' type narrator, in this case, the always funny Patton Oswald.

The show has it's moments, unfortunately, just not enough of them. What do you think?