A few weeks back, my daughter, Alexis, mentioned that she really was interested in possibly pursuing a job in law enforcement, once she was out of school. We were thrilled with the excitement she was showing and wanted to try and keep that enthusiasm going and growing.

Jon James, of course is a gun enthusiast, and the leader behind the amazing gun organization for women, AWwBA, so I thought I would ask him if he could talk with Lexi about guns and gun safety.

Yesterday, Jon invited us to the Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club in Augusta. He patiently and very thoroughly sat with Lexi and discussed gun safety and rules to follow. Alexis was into it from the start. Then it was time to shoot.

Although she was nervous, Alexis took the well taught words and lessons to heart and was very focused every step of the way. I was very proud of her.

Renee Nelson joined us as well and was a pro. I'm sure we'll hear more from Renee on her adventure.

I can't thank Jon and Renee enough for making Alexis feel so at ease, in a situation, she was very nervous about. Your encouragement and kindness meant a lot to her and the world to me.