I think I might cry.  The lovely Ashley Hebert of Madawaska is going to marry finance' J.P. Rosenbaum.  Not only that, but the nuptials will be filmed and aired on ABC tv....

"“The Bachelorette: Ashley and J.P.’s Wedding,” will air in December.

J.P. may be all that and a bag of potato chips but, to me, he's a cradle robber.  That's right J.P.  Cradle robber, cradle robber, cradle robber.  He's 35 and she's just 28.  Heck, maybe I'm just jealous.  But I shouldn't be.  I'm married to a nurse who's also an inventor.  It's just that Ashley's so purty and she's also a dentist.  Bet he won't have to have dental insurance, lucky bum.

Anyway, no word on how much Ashley got paid for the Bachelorette but I bet between the show and the upcoming wedding, dentistry will be little more than just a hobby for some pocket cash.