Cristen Sawyer is a Christmas angel.  She is also the Christmas program director at the Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers and, because expected gifts from New Jersey were diverted to hurricane stricken New York and donations have been down due to the economy, she wasn't sure she could reach her goal. So she got busy!

When we had her on the Moose Morning Show, she was so optimistic that people were going to come through and help out that it never entered her mind that the campaign could fall short.  It was that attitude and the sweat equity behind that helped her and the Maine Children's Home reach, even exceed, their goal!

Cristen knows she owes a lot to the generous people who brought in the gifts far and above what she would have ever imagined.  But she and her volunteers are the ones who went way beyond what many people would have because of their love of and caring for children. Cristen and others of her ilk seem to be in short supply sometimes but it's nice to know they're out there and ever ready to help in any way they can!

Donors from the Waterville Housing Society (Facebook)