(This is a series of articles I'm writing about Maine women, some of whom you probably know, who are into shooting and/or carrying weapons. You can learn much more about them at the Facebook Group, Maine Girls with Guns)

CJ describes herself as a "gun toting, liberty loving woman."

A strong supporter of the second amendment and Libertarian values, she firmly believes in responsible gun ownership.

"There are no accidents but errors in judgment. Children should be taught from a young age that guns are not toys and adults need to keep them (guns) in a safe place."

She loves nature, music, martial arts,photography, yoga, art and most of all- knowledge. She says, "the more you know, the less you know." She is a biological sciences major on a temporary hiatus from school, and a major, self proclaimed, nerd.

CJ points with a semiautomatic pistol

Does CJ have strong beliefs? You be the judge:

I love to shoot for many reasons, I love the sound, the kickback and hitting my target. I love the shatter of a clay disk and the breath before pulling the trigger. Shooting is therapeutic for me and It is empowering as a woman, knowing that I can defend myself. I have taught many women how to shoot and how to safely handle a firearm. I can say with pride that I am a steady shot and would rather buy a new piece of well made steel than any amount of jewelry!
I love my sidearm, a Smith and Wesson M&P subcompact 9mm, but being able to shoot almost any firearm with precision, is a personal challenge of mine. I love the recoil of a 12 gauge, I am partial to a 38 special.  I absolutely LOVE automatic weapons. It's a great feeling knowing I can protect my home, and for that reason, I will not list my firearms. Waking up with a slight shoulder ache, smiling, knowing it came from your gunpowder therapy, is priceless.
I am adamantly against violence and have been an activist for many years. I volunteered my time with the Ron Paul campaign, fighting for your personal rights as a state delegate, and will continue to fight for freedom as long as I live. I am for limited government and can not claim to belong to any political party, but I will stand behind anyone who promotes peace, love and liberty.

CJ feels that more responsible and educated firearm owners should come forward and show that there are people from all different backgrounds that can appreciate a good day at the range and the security that comes with it.

CJ Veritas, in my humble opinion, is a good American who anybody would be lucky to know!

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