Kristina Wood is a well-rounded and busy Mainer who loves to shoot her .45 caliber Kimber Ultra Carry (with laser, which, as anyone who knows handguns will tell you, is a Cadillac!). But there's a lot more to this Maine girl's life than shooting!

Three children are enough to keep anyone busy. Especially when they're all under six-years-old! Her biggest life love is going with her family to the beach or lake or even something as simple as playing out in the yard. Young kids do love to play and mom is, very often, one of the playmates!

When Kristina has time, she and her husband like to ride motorcycles. In fact, recently, they took part in the Ride4Cops fund raiser with former police officer and NIC CEO, Harry Herington, who joined us on the Moose Morning Show the day he was in Maine.

Other passions of Kristina are volunteering, reading, playing BINGO and, of course, shooting. "It's fun to shoot," says Kristina. "I'm all for having fun!"

In addition to her Kimber, she and her husband have other various long guns and handguns including a Walther PPK .22, a .22 rifle and a shotgun.

Kristina and her husband shoot for hobby and home protection. Happy shooting, Kristina!

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