Maine's new law allows law-abiding citizens to conceal a handgun without applying for a state permit. It also does not require that you go through any type of mandatory training. That doesn't mean that going out armed with a gun is a good idea if you're not armed, first, with good information.

This morning we talked with a couple of guys who know their stuff about firearms and firearms law. They are Todd Tolhurst and Jeff Zimba of Gun Owners of Maine. Todd is the president of the organization. Jeff is the "Ballistic Evangelist." Really. That's his title! :-)

For more on Jeff, check out these links: Big Shooterist Channel on Youtube, The Evolution of the Black Gun Rifle and Freedom Fighters reality show.

Now, enjoy the following. You will find it most helpful, I hope.

Here are just a few questions you need to know how to answer BEFORE you go out with a gun.

  • Can I carry a loaded gun anywhere?
  • How do I use an handgun?
  • What type of gun should I buy?
  • Where do I get online training?
  • Where can I get live training and practical experience?

You'll get the answers to these and many more questions you have by going the the SAFER (Statewide Access to Firearms Education and Resources). The training is FREE. It does NOT replace live training and lots of practice (which is fun), but it is chock full of great information that will lay the foundation for you to be a safe and responsibly armed citizen.

Another great resource which my website, AWwBA, partners with is the United States Concealed Carry Association. They offer GREAT free information plus paid membership which includes an excellent magazine (Concealed Carry Magazine) and legal insurance in case you ever use a gun to defend yourself. You WILL need a lawyer.

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