Back in December 'Saturday Night Live' premiered a new skit called, 'Maine Justice.' They brought it back Saturday night.

The premise is that creole justice, Louisiana style, has come to, I'm sorry, Bang-er, Maine. (No one in the national media can pronounce it correctly.)

At least, I think that's the idea. Even though I laugh at it, I still don't get it! Here are some comments from back in December from the 92 Moose facebook fan page:

-Tammy Jo: "Painful, just painful to watch."
-Chris: "Good thing they explained that they were transplants from Louisiana....I was sooooo confused! lol!"
-Kristen: "Bang-ER is one of my biggest pet peeves!"
-Stacy: "...this is not Maine! Makes me sick!"

Maine Justice on 'SNL.' Funny: Yes or No?