Looking for a unique stocking stuffer? How about a book featuring Maine vanity license plates. It's called 'The Maine Plate: Games & Puzzles Book' by local author, Holly Sherburne.

Everybody tries to figure out the meanings of vanity plates, but Holly has taken it to a new level. She's been taking photos of plates for about 5-6 years. She has more than 3,000 plate photos. Her first self-published book in 2010 was called, 'The Maine Plate: Vanity License Plates and their Meanings,' and was the inspiration for this new book.

'The Maine Plate: Games & Puzzles Book' is full of more than 50 pages of games. Use the license plates as the clues to do wordfinds, crosswords, matching, trivia and much more!

Holly Sherburne on the Moose Morning Show