Neighbors of Maine's public shooting ranges have become increasingly annoyed by people shooting up refrigerators, TVs and propane tanks at the ranges and using noisy exploding targets.

The state now proposes rules for two long-unsupervised shooting areas on state-owned land. The measures would apply to the Summerhaven shooting area in Augusta and the Major Gregor Sanburn wildlife management straddling Brownfield and Fryeburg.

The proposal includes bans on drones, fireworks, exploding targets, armor piercing ammunition, and firearms chambered with .50 caliber machine gun cartridges.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife also wants to designate range safety officers and prohibit hunting and trapping within the ranges.

Public hearings are set for Sept. 7 in Brownfield and Sept. 8 in Hallowell. -AUGUSTA, Maine (AP)