Starting this Saturday March 1st and going through March 10th, it's ‘Maine Restaurant Week’. This is a week where Maine restaurant cuisine is highlighted, celebrated and maybe checked out a little more closely.

It’s more than just great food, there are events and money gets raised for charity. However, 'Maine Restaurant Week' is about eating from locally owned and operated establishments.

Some restaurants have incentives like dinner specials and some have entertainment. It’s all fun and for a great cause.

Eating at a local restaurant isn’t any more expensive than eating at a chain. Sometimes you can eat for a lot less too, by eating at a locally owned restaurant.

Here are a few of my favorite locally owned restaurants. I love Davinci’s in Lewiston. Their garlic knots are to die for. The entrees are awesome, too. Get the Chicken Amore or the Seafood Pomodoro.

Mac’s Grill on Minot Avenue in Auburn is another of my favorites. They are mostly about steak, but the have seafood, chicken and great appetizers, as well.

The Chickadee of Lewiston by the Turnpike ramp on Lisbon St. in Lewiston is amazing if you’re looking for fried clams. They do both, breaded and battered, so you’re all good to go not matter your desire.

Lynn and I also love the Gridiron in Lewiston. Ribs, clams, pasta dishes, they have it all. Many TVs to catch the game, too. Big G's with their colossal sandwiches, you really can't go wrong there either.

As you can see, there are tons of great places to check out.

On occasion we’ll hit Cole Farms in Gray. A great place if you’re looking for comfort food.

Roy’s on the Auburn rotary is great for breakfast. They have one massive omelet on the menu that’s so big I can’t even finish it.

For Chinese, we love China Wok at the plaza on Center St. in Auburn with Big Lots and Flagship Cinemas.

For takeout, we like Heathco’s and Pizza Market on and just off Court St. in Auburn, Red Barn in Augusta on Riverside Drive. Damon’s on Western Ave., Augusta is always good and last but not least, during Lent and really any time we want good fresh inexpensive seafood, we hit Mac’s Downeast Seafood, unrelated to Mac’s Grill, but also on Minot Avenue in Auburn

What are your favorite locally own and operated restaurants?