Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Isn’t this depressing? Maine ranks second worst state in the country next to Hawaii to make a living. Maine also comes in eighth worst out of the 10 worst states to retire. By reading the article, it sounds as though no matter whether you lower taxes or not it really won’t make a difference.  I’ve thought a lot about this over the years. To really boost our status in wages and economics in general we would really have to basically make it very tempting for business to come. Allow business come here and set up and be have tax free status for five years for example. Look at the Mid-Atlantic that area has factories, refineries and all of the industry that isn’t really part of Maine's culture. Should it be? Maine is a unique state in the way we’re very proud of our wilderness for hunting and camping, fairly untouched rugged coastline and yes, tourism. Tourists come to Maine to getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city life. I also bet the statistics would be way different and we’d be higher on the list without Aroostook County. I don’t know, maybe I’m way off base? I would love your comments.