Jim Thorne in beautiful Carmel, Maine has wondered how his bird feeder gets bent over. Raccoon? Skunk? Giant Squirrel? Nope. Bear.  Jim came upon this scene in his yard and started filming. The best part? How the bear is completely oblivious to Jim talking to him. This fella is focused!

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have just come out with tips on how to avoid conflicts with Maine bears.  According to the MIFW:

Maine is home to the largest population of black bears in the lower 48 states. Our bears are most active between April 1 and November 1.

When natural foods are scarce, especially in the spring or dry summers, bears will venture into backyards and fields in search of easily accessible food such as bird feeders, garbage, grills and pet foods.

While hundreds of conflicts between bears and people are reported each year in Maine, many can be prevented by simply removing or securing common bear attractants. Removing these food sources will also limit other backyard visitors (raccoons, skunks, etc.).

Below is a great chart to help you avoid bear conflicts. Download the entire PDF HERE