Keri and I truly could not have asked for a better cruise last week. The weather was phenomenal, the food was plentiful and the scenery was breathtaking. But let's face it peeps, you're not reading this for me to tell you how absolutely marvelous the snorkeling in Cozumel is or how crystal-clear the water in Grand Cayman is, no, you want to know about the big Q!

I had been planning this proposal now for quite some time and have had the ring riding around with me everywhere I have gone. However, I didn't plan the cruise as part of the engagement, I actually planned the engagement after the fact as part of the cruise! So many people plan these giant proposals that involve other people or a crowd and audience... but for ONCE in my life that's not what I wanted. What I wanted was a perfect moment shared by only 2 people, which is exactly what I got....until now... now I'm writing an article about it for thousands to read..hmm..

It was formal night, a night to get all dolled up with floor length gowns, jackets and ties. I put the ring in my pocket before heading out to the formal dinner in the "Golden Dining Room". Once there, we sat down and ordered our food and a bottle of imported Moscato and proceeded to get lost in conversation. The picture you see of the two of us from the formal dinner was actually taken about 15 minuted before I 'popped the question'.

We went outside for a stroll around the ship after dinner, all the way to the very top deck of the ship... no one was around... I mean 0 people... Which considering there were over 4,000 souls on board was pretty remarkable. The moon gently lit the calm waters of the ocean and another cruise ship chugged quietly along parallel to our ship all lit up against the night sky... and then... yup! You guessed it.. I asked! Actually I'm pretty confident that I left out the "will you" and just said "Marry Me"... Much to Keri's complete surprise of me being on one knee with a ring reflecting all 41, yes 41, diamonds against the moonlight, she said YES!

And that my friends, is a cruise to be remembered for a lifetime..