Our power went out at 9:30 on Monday night. By Christmas Eve, the temp inside was about 30. Not where Marie-Anne and I wanted to spend the night, so we (mostly MAJ) packed up and went to Michelle's (our daughter's) duplex which, miraculously, had power.

It was cozy and nice and I ate too much and crawled into bed early, missing the excitement that would come a bit later.

Matt showed up to drop Evan off and, I am told, was in a panic. "I've got to go get dad a new iPad!"

Marie-Anne told him that everything was closed on Christmas Eve (at 10p) and wondered why.

Here's Matt's story:

I went to put Evan in his booster seat and buckle him in and, while doing so, put the iPad on the roof of the truck. I got on the interstate to route 3 and, at about the Harley shop, I realized I'd left it on roof and freaked out. After I dropped Evan off, Keri (Matt's girlfriend) and I went back the way we came. Heading back up the interstate, I thought I saw it as I ran over it....so I backed up to see backed over it. Sure enough, it was the iPad.

Well, he thought I'd have a meltdown and didn't even want to tell me until he got a new one.

At first, I thought it was a joke...that he was playing some kind of sick, Christmas game. But, looking closely, I could see it was definitely the remnants of the old iPad. I say old because it's one I used for Evan to play with whenever he visited and one I often used to surf the internet in bed.

The funny thing is, I figured that, eventually, it would get broken and I imagined Evan would drop it or spill something on it. He never did. He treated it very well. I should have known, given past history, that when it finally bit the big one, it would be in Matt's possession. Silly me.

Hey...the family's here, we're all healthy and I got fodder for an article. No complaints.

Anyone wanna buy a spare Apple charger, cheap?