Tis a sad day here at the Moose for sure. The office space that I have been calling "home" has been vacated- by me anyway.

Mac Dickson, the original occupier of this space will continue to work in here as I have established a new space down the hall. Mac and I shared a lot of great memories in here.. Everything from the new curtain I had put up in his absence, to why the hell I kept the chair lower than him when I am so much shorter. Yes, these silly little conversations of ours will come to an end.. But the memories will live on forever. With my new phone extension I can call over to his office and we can chat away the hours any time we please...

Did I mention my new space is on the other side of the wall. Our offices are about a foot and a half apart. Guess it's not that bad. Oh, by the way, Mac- When I shut down your computer for the last time today, the fan crapped the bed and it started overheating. You can share my new computer if you need to. Like old times.


Here's a pic of my new digs! Anyone have an extra screen I can borrow?