As most of you know by now, I am getting married in October!

I know, I'm just as surprised as you all are that someone actually agreed to marry me.

This was a big weekend for my fiance, Keri, as she had her first bridal appointment to look at dresses. She and her mom, along with one of her bridesmaids, headed off to the bridal boutique to begin looking and trying things on. All the while I sat at home wondering and imagining what she was looking like in all of these different dresses. After all, one of her absolute favorite shows is 'Say Yes to the Dress'.

A few hours later I got a phone call from her. She sounded totally calm, normal and as if she had just left the gas station and not the Bridal store... I knew she was holding back. I said "how did it go?" And that's when the excitement broke through her pretend wall of melancholy, " I SAID YES TO THE DRESS" she shouted! I was so happy by the excitement in her voice I teared up! Though I didn't get any details on what it looks like, style, shape..anything! Not allowed to see it or know anything about it until October 22nd!

She then proceeded to tell me the whole story about how wonderful it was and how many dresses she tried on. "I liked number 1 and 2", she said, "but didnt like 3 or 4... 5 was nice, but when I tried on number 6 I couldn't stop looking at myself and turning in the mirror, and that's when mom and Katie started to tear up, that's when I knew it was my dress!"

I was so thrilled for her that at her first appointment at her first place, she found her dress! If you're in the market for anything bridal, whether it's a gown or tuxedos, then I would urge you to go see Renee Adams at Dreams Bridal Boutique and Tuxedo Center at the Augusta Plaza off of Western Avenue. She is a brand new boutique and carries some of the most elegant formal-wear I have ever seen. Keri told me she felt so pampered as if she were at Kleinfeld in New York on the show she loves.

(c) Angimarie Photography

If you're in the market for anything wedding, go see my friend Renee. She will take great care of you I promise. Make sure you stop in and see her at the Augusta wedding show too, Sunday Jan 24th at the Augusta Armory from 11-3!