Today is World Vegetarian Day!  Come on, it’s not that bad! A meal with out meat is a chance for more veggies. Really, we all can use more veggies. Mom was right on about eating your veggies. They are good for you. A meatless meal can be as easy as spaghetti with a sauce with a bunch of sautéed vegetables. It's easy, cost effective and darn tasty, with something like a baked apple for dessert, perfect!

There are plenty of other meat alternatives or replacements, if you want to go that route. Some of them are very good. You can even consider trying other replacements for animal products.  Personally, I have never cared for milk. I have discovered almond milk. If you are at the grocery store, pick up a veggie or fruit you have never tried. You might be surprised just how much you like it.  Its food, have fun with it.