His Name is Tim Cotton and he is a former radio guy turned Policeman in Bangor Maine. And he is the man behind the Bangor PD Facebook page.

At last check, almost 178,000 people had liked the Bangor FB page including myself and many of my friends. And it isn't because of the excellent reporting on police daily arrests and business.

It is because of Tim Cotton, who's tongue in cheek writing style, always makes me smile over my morning coffee.

A recent entry went like this;

"Dear, Easily Identifiable Man (EIM) in blue shirt. You forgot to pay at Walmart. Let’s work this out. You were wearing a blue shirt with a Russell "R" logo on the left sleeve. You were wearing a black hat with your sunglasses sportingly and cleverly perched upon it. You were wearing a white tee shirt under the blue shirt. This is a nice touch and something that my mom would commend you for."

And on it goes. Cotton always ends his posts with "Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone and be kind to one another. We will be here!"

Boston.com recently spoke with Cotton about how he tells the department’s story and his sense of humor

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