Every once in a while a friend of mine from where I grew up, Halifax, Nova Scotia, will roll into Maine. Most of the time schedules to meet up don't work out and a get together doesn't happen. This time it is happening. An old friend and former co-worker from a Need's Convenience Store in Halifax I worked for 21-22 years ago is here in Maine; she along with her husband are meeting up with Lynn and me for lunch in Brunswick tomorrow. Kind of excited and a little nervous at the same time. We haven't seen each other since 1992. It should be a good hour of conversation and stories of crazy stuff we did back in the early 90s.

The early 90s was the era of the original skinny jeans, flashy neon and Jason Priestly's 90210 hair. Although, I rocked a mullet. Back then I was jamming out to Skid Row, 'Smashes, Thrashes And Hits' by Kiss, Def Leppard's Adrenalize.

Tomorrow should be fun. Lynn is ready for any stories that I may have "forgotten" to tell her about.