I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and took out a bit of time to remember why we have  it. Thank you all who served and serve for keeping us free. Of course Memorial Day weekend is also about the beginning of summer and tourist season as well as drinks, camping and food. Barbeques are most common on Memorial Day, but where there was no family gathering this year we made "Memere's Chicken."

"Mereme's Chicken" is a dish passed down through a few generations on my wife's side. It's bone-in chicken thighs, quarters and or drumsticks thrown with rice, onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup and powdered chicken bullion and water. It is all mixed together in a covered dish. We used a roasting pot because we're a large family, but you could use a smaller pot or different type covered dish. It is thrown it in the oven and cooked for 90 minutes at 425F (again it's important that it is covered). I'm sure generations back they ripped a real chicken apart but we're in 2013, just buy enough chicken to feed your family.

We had our friend Wanda over for dinner. It's always nice to see her. Our kids love her and call her Auntie Wanda. After dinner we went to Dairy Joy on Spring St. in Auburn and had ice cream. I always have to get the cookie dough mix-in (their version of the Blizzard), Justin got a S'more parfait, Lynn got a Peanut butter Supreme, Dylan a mix-in with coffee ice cream and cookie dough. While we ate our ice cream, we talked about the possible passenger train coming to L/A and where the best place to put the depot would be. I still like where it used to be right next to Dairy Joy. The Amtrak coming to Auburn is a post for another time.