I keep telling you that one of the BIG things for me about Mend-A-Body is having a coach there when I need them to talk about what I need.  I know that sounds selfish, but each weight loss journey is so personal.  My issues are mine and how it affects me is what I am concerned about.  That is what I like about the coaching.

I have hit a bit of a stumbling block in my weight loss.  I like a routine and peace. The last few weeks have been very non-routine and chaotic.  Travel, Thanksgiving, extra projects at work and some family health issues have all distracted me and feel like that have taken over my life.

I spent about 15 minutes talking with my MABS coach, Debra-Ann, just talking about how I can pick foods that are more of the super foods and some fun things to do with food to give me more variety and feel more like comfort foods.

I have working on my personal victories. I was ‘closet shopping’ this weekend and found two new pairs of pants and seven shirts.  One of pairs of jeans was too small when I bought it, the jeans even had the tags still attached, not only did they fit the jeans were a bit to big! I also have a stack of clothes that will be fitting in the next few weeks and may even be a little too big by the time vacation rolls around in January. Go me!