OK.  Here are the numbers...total inches lost 12.  Mind you that is only around three points on my torso.  That is where most of my weight was, so it seemed easy for me to track and measure. I am still down 18 pounds. I have been in holding pattern on pounds lost. So what did I do? Eat cookies and cry? NO WAY! I turned to MY Mend-A-Body coach. Now,I have some new ideas to switch it up.

I suspect after talking to my coach, I had been to rigid to what I was doing and eating. She gave me a bunch of ideas and I am now doing two things different. Not big changes, just enough to trick my metabolism  out of its complacency of what I had been doing.  Gees, even my metabolism like to be amused from time to time!

Before I would have been frustrated and upset and have no where to turn with those emotions. But I had that support when I needed it, like at that moment it was the worst.  As a result, I did not chuck all my work out the window and eat a bucket of Christmas cookies.

I am happy Mend-A-Body girl. Christmas and New Year...OH that will be a breeze for me. I have a plan. I know what our holiday meals will be and I know how to make it Mend-A-Body friendly. I gotta tell you, for Christmas dinner we are doing a very nontraditional Christmas B-B-Q thing.  I can made a killer coleslaw that fits with Mend-A-Body.....I can hardly wait.

Give your self the gift of wellness AND waistline management with Mend-A-Body!  Click into mendabody.com or call at 1-855-900-LOSE.  Tell them Renee from 92Moose sent you!!  Sharing the love!  Happy Christmas!