One month on Mend-A-Body and all I have to say it wow.  When they send you the starter kit they should send a belt too!  LOL  I promised myself I would not live and die by the scales, but by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting and how I look!  Here are a few of the recent wins.

I am wearing jeans that just a month ago were TIGHT, today they are loose and I need that belt I was talking about! And when I started Mend-A-Body I bought myself a pair of shorts. They are a size 12. That is big jump from where I started, hey shoot for the stars. Well, those short did not even come close to fitting a month ago. This week, I got them on and well, they don’t really fit (yet) I got them on my body!

I have been living in the real world going to parties and events, and still staying on my Mend-A-Body Solutions Program. The support with my coach and learning how to address everyday issues is making the difference. Mend-A-Body Solutions has the details or give them a call 1-855-900-LOSE.

Don’t wait to start to make these changes. You may think that there are so many reasons to wait, but in the end there is no GOOD reason to wait…Mend-A-Body.