I am really looking forward to the next step in my Mend-A-Body journey.  I like this whole thing.

I have lost over ten pounds and over two inches.   I don’t mean to sound so vague but I made a promise to myself to focus on the things I have not done so in the past.  I am focusing on my food and when I am eating. I am focusing on making sure am drinking my water. I am focusing on my getting my exercise. I learned that from having done ‘Lose It With The Y’ in the past with the Kennebec Valley YMCA.

What I love is the changes I can feel.  My clothes are fitting better. People have noticed. That is a big payoff for me.

Mend-A-Body has been the biggest change. It has worked for me. I think it is working for me because Mend-A-Body works WITH me!  With Mend-A-Body you have your own coach to help you along the way. I love that!

If your Mend-A-Body journey at mendabody.com or give them call at 1-855-900-LOSE.