WOW.  What a few weeks. Vacation, Thanksgiving, and some stressful medical issues in my house.  I took it all on and survived.  LOL.  Let’s face it, any of those things and make your reach for your favorite comfort foods. I am proud to say, I did not. I credit all of that to Mend-A-Body Solutions. Let me tell you why.

First and foremost, I am just feeling better. With Mend-A-Body Solutions program and coach support, I just feel better and it is amazing how that simple fact can just make dealing with stress less stressful.  I have been learning how the foods I eat impact my physical and emotional heath.  Just as easy to crunch out some stress on some cauliflower (which I have always loved) instead of a bag of chips or bag of cookies.

While on vacation I did have a tiny piece of birthday cake. Not really part of my regular food choices, but I wanted to see what would happen.  It had been over a month since I had any highly process food like that.  I did not eat the frosting, just the little sliver of cake. Well, I did not enjoy the cake. It just did not taste good to me. But about a half hour later I had a screaming headache and my sinuses were sore. Lesson learned.  It was worth it to feel my body react.

What I am seeing in my body is the appearance of my ribs and my hip bones!  I had suspected they were there. But know I know for sure!! I found a few more clothes that are getting closer to being a perfect fit and the clothes that did fit are just baggie.  But my biggest thrill this week was when I was getting dressed and had a pair of yoga pants on (you know, they are close fitting) and my thighs were not touching!

I am so happy Mend-A-Body Solutions came into my life. I am glad I choose to do Mend-A-Body Solutions despite heading into the holiday season. Click on this ‘Mend-A-Body Solutions’ to find out more or you can call them 1-855-900-LOSE  (5673).  Mend-A-Body Solutions is about waistline and wellness management and a wonderful lifestyle change!