I KNOW you have questions about Mend-A-Body Solutions.  I know because not a week goes by without at least a few questions or emails about Mend-A-Body Solutions (MABS). Come find out for yourself at the MABS open house April 9th at 4pm at Roosters in Augusta. To be totally honest my MABS experience will be so different from yours. MABS program is about your goals, your likes and dislikes and how you live your life.  Yes, the same principles will apply to you but how you live with those are all about you, baby!

Check out the picture! Merry is to the left. She is down 50 pounds!!!! The lovely lady in the middle is Debra the creator and owner of MABS.  Then there is me. I lost 30 pounds. That was in from Halloween to mid January. Losing weight during the holiday, vacations and all that stuff. But for me, knowing I can keep it off was as important as losing it. I have kept it off for two and half months without struggling. I have another 30 pounds in my cross hairs. But I needed to prove to myself I could keep it off. SEE....my MABS is all about ME!  Yours will be all about you.

You do not need to be in Central Maine to do the program. It can be done anywhere. You can do the program and your friend in North Carolina can do it too. Your coaching is all on the phone or texts or emails. It works for woman and men. It is not a 'fad' type thing. It is about healthy choices.

Really, find out for yourself. MABS will be at Rooster's Tap House in Augusta Wed April 9th from 4-7 pm. Wellness and waistline management. Mend-A-Body Solutions!