Saturday, Feb 22, is a big day if you want to lose weight and become healthier. There is a going to a Mend-A-Body Solutions Open House right here at 92 Moose in the Augusta Plaza! It goes 10-1! I know as I have written about Mend-A-Body Solutions, I have received a lot of questions. Some I could answer and some I could not. Mend-A-Body Solutions program meets you were you are, so it is different for each person. What YOU need to be successful is probably different than what I need.

My MABS peeps Merry and Lisa will be here to talk to you about our experiences. My co-worker Andy will also be at the open house. He just started the program and was down 5 pounds in less than 7 days. Mend-A-Body Solutions works for women AND men!

Now, Lisa is the Lisa of Lisa’s Restaurant and Merry is a wiz in the kitchen, so along with Mend-A-Body Solutions crew you can really get an idea of how it works and what you eat.  I am not such a master of my kitchen and I have done just fine, so your ability to cook or eat on the run is manageable too. Andy is making his 'guy foods' MABS friendly. The foods you eat are from the grocery store. SO, if you don’t like a certain food, don’t eat have to it!

Bottom line, Mend-A-Body Solutions is about wellness and waistline management.  The timing of what you eat is important, what you are eating is important, the support to help you help yourself, the supplements…it all comes together and success is yours!

You want to know more. Come visit on Saturday! You can read more about my journey with MABS!