This is so cool on so many levels. First of all, Messalonskee High School has a world ranked robotics team.  Each year the teams are giving an assignment to develop the robots. This one shoots basketballs. The team has done very well for its self in competitions. This weekend they are hosting an off season event. Sixteen teams from around New England will be competing. There will also be a craft fair going on during the event.

 When I was in high school a zillion years ago, I took an electrical course. I was so excited. However, I was the only one excited about me being in that class. I was the only girl. So the boys were not interested in having me around and the teacher, who was a man, did not seem interested in having a girl in his class either. I ended up dropping the class. I wish I could go back in time and stick it out and show they boys and that teacher that not only could I be good at this, I deserved to be there. So, to look at the Messalonskee team so evenly divided between young men and woman, it makes me very happy. Come out and support all the teams this weekend! Messalonskee and the community should be very proud.

Messalonskee Robotics Team on the Moose Morning Show