She's from Maine, she's an Air Force veteran and she love's to shoot. Gun Girl Morgan has more than 16, 000 likes on Facebook and, without a doubt, that number will go up quickly!

When I started the Maine Girls with Guns page a few months ago, she is one of the first female shooters I found with her own page. There are others, to be sure, but Morgan is my favorite. She's a wonderful person with a great outlook on life and the world and she believes whole heartedly in the preservation of the US Constitution. In short, she's a great American.

We'd been talking back and forth via email for a few weeks. She'd been telling me some of the ins and outs of watching for "troll" posters on Facebook...the people that post nasty things just because they don't agree with what you stand for. I got my first one the day she warned me. His comment was deleted and he was banned from the page. Thanks, Morgan!

Today, I met her along with Casey Dugas of the Fairfield Police at A&G Shooting and Supply in Fairfield. Casey has worked with Morgan on many projects as the cameraman for her Facebook posts and the 2014 Gun Girl Morgan calendar. Yes, I did buy one.

So the purpose of the meeting was for her to be the official model for the new American Women who Bear Arms ladies t-shirt. She looked great in it. Not only did it make my day but I've promised her free t-shirts for life. I sure hope she's not like me or she'll need a new one every time she wears it while eating, but I digress.

Morgan is also a regular co-host and shooter on Youtube's "Big Shooterist Channel." If you love big guns and seeing stuff get blown up, grab a pizza, tune in and enjoy the show!

The icing on the cake today was hearing that she's a big fan of the Moose Morning Show. The icing wasn't quite as sweet when she added, "I've listened ever since I was a little girl." Hmmmmm. That reminds me, Sunday will be my official 23rd anniversary of working the Moose Morning Show. I know because it's also my daughter, Michelle's, 23rd birthday. Wow, my mind sure does wander these days. Anyway........

Thank you Gun Girl Morgan! It was a pleasure to finally meet you and you ARE a great American!

Morgan with a gold plated Desert Eagle 50 caliber handgun