Well, we've made it halfway through the work week. That is if you work the typical Mon-Fri 9-5er. If not, well then maybe you're just starting or even just ending your week. At any rate, here are some fun facts I dug up for you with some help from our friends over at Wtf Fun Facts.

The following is a list of some things you maybe didn't know, and will never really need to know. In fact, why are you still reading? The wonder of the unknown..

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Did you know that your brain actually tries to tell you not to help people? Apparently the way it works is doing something for one person makes you feel guilty that you can't do something for everyone. In turn, you won't do what you can do because of what you can't do. Get it?

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The single bolt that holds the rotors to a helicopter is called a 'Jesus Nut'. It's the single most important point of failure. If that baby comes loose, down goes the choppa!

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The term 'dude' was originally used back as early as the 1800's. It was meant as an insult to young men who were only concerned with keeping up with the latest fashions. I can never imagine being like that, bro!

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Were you aware that there are more Chinese restaurants in the US than McDonald's, Burger King, KFC and Wendy's combined? That's a lot of Crab Rangoon, but damn is it good.

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Can you believe there was a man so upset about a knife fight in the video game 'Counter Strike', that he actually took half a year to track down the other player and stab him in real life?

Well this just stinks. The US military buys a large amount of fart spray called 'Liquid Ass' and uses it to prepare medics for the stench of the battlefield. Next time you see a vet, thank them. You have no idea what they truly have to endure overseas.

A woman who was stricken blind from a terrible car accident soon developed multiple personality disorder. She had several different ones that were actually able to see. Say what?

Do you feel any smarter after just having read these fun, useless facts? Probably not. Are these things you'll remember and talk about at work? Maybe. Was reading this brief article better than what you were doing before? Definitely.

Tune in next week for another rousing edition of 'Fun Facts From Matty's Desk'.