So today, all over the news is the news that gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud made the announcement he is gay. Excuse me while I yawn. This should be the biggest non-issue around. But from what I was reading Michaud, who is a six-term congressman for the state of Maine, felt he needed to address his sexuality to counter "whisper campaigns, insinuations and push-polls" that raised questions about his personal life. So he did, with an op-ed piece that was released today.

OMG, take a look around, we have real issues to deal with in Maine and this nation. These real issues actually affect the daily lives of our citizens. What Michaud behind those closed doors is really none of our business. I always wonder about those who are so worried about these issues. Do they really sit around thinking about what other are doing behind those 'closed doors'? Ick! I don’t do that about anyone. That strikes me as just an odd thing to do.

It seems like this was not his first choice of when, how and if to make this statement about who is. But he did, addressing it head on, making it a non-issue.  Classy, Mike Michaud is my hero today.