With the fiscal cliff looming, talk is hot and heavy over cuts to entitlements.  The $20, 000 question is, how much better off would we be if only those people are entitled were getting entitlements?

People who honestly can't have a reasonable standard of living without help, I'm all for giving a hand.  I think I (and my colleagues) have proven that with many years of helping the Salvation Army, United Way, Maine Children's Home, etc.  It's just sad and unacceptable to me that there are so many people willing and able to sit back while the rest of us pay their way, enabling them to take on important tasks like watching The Price is Right or beating the latest Angry Birds video game. Mind you, I'm not against people who like to do these things, only those who are able to go out and look for work who would RATHER do these things.  If you work and STILL need help, no problem.  You're doing what you can...thank you.

I know many people in business who have the same complaints. I hear them over and over again and they go like this:

1- Nobody wants to work for less than $12 an hour

2- Kids who work for me resent being told to stop texting and get back to work and I have to let them go

3- One day, they just don't show up to work

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the whole work ethic use to be different?  My father and people of his ilk worked on farms as young as 12 or 13.  He hayed, mucked stalls, milked cows and did back wrenching chores from sunrise to sunset in the hot summer sun and was happy to do it for 15 cents a week.  Admittedly, that sounds a bit harsh to me but my point is, he would rather work than sit around being useless.  That ethic stayed with him until he retired.

I understand there are people who can't find a job.  I understand work is hard to find.  What irks me is people who will poo poo a paycheck if they feel they can make more collecting unemployment or living off my paycheck.  Those who are looking for work aren't people I have a problem with.  It's those who refuse to work for minimum wage or a bit more to start (even though they don't deserve more) and those who just refuse to work.

Let me leave you with a tidbit.  A friend/acquaintance told me not long ago that he wasn't looking for a job because unemployment paid him more to "sit on his a$$."  I let DHHS know his name and address.  Not sure if he's been investigated yet.

My kids are grown up and support themselves.  Why should I support you?

I merely post this video because of the underlying message.  I absolutely mean no disrespect to the elderly and less fortunate.