Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in America and in fact, the world, and it hasn’t been until now that "house rules" have been added to the rules and you can help via Social Media through Monopoly's Facebook page.

Did you know 70% of people have never read the actual rules to the game of Monopoly? I think I did once years ago, but haven't in years.

"House rules" are rules that aren't in the official rules that family or friends put into place either to generate cash or make the game more difficult.

For example, a common one revolves around “Free Parking." Some play where you collect or win a pot made up of all of the money paid from the cards and taxes on the board.

Another example is changing the rule about collecting rent in jail or maybe collecting $400 if you land on go.

Do you allow a cash advance maybe another rule in your play at home?

If you click here on the story you’ll see other optional or “house rules” that you may use or consider and may want to vote for.

It's hard to believe next year Monopoly will have been around 80 years without going bankrupt. Just so you know, this last line is a joke. A ton of fun for $10-$15.