Governor LePage, in his weekly address, pointed to welfare fraud examples like the use of Maine ebt cards at tobacco and alcohol stores and even at a liquor store in New Hampshire. Fact is, there is fraud going on. The question is, how do we stop it from happening? I think random drug tests, though not nearly the complete answer, would help.

If you know of suspect someone of fraudulently receiving state aid, here are a couple numbers to call:

Fraud hotline: 1-866-348-1129
Fraud unit, DHHS: 287-2409

Below is a capsulized version of some of the calls we took this morning. Listen and see if you feel the same way. Also, our Facebook fan page exploded with comments. A link to that is also included here.

↓ Calls on welfare fraud

We also asked you on our facebook page about random drug testing for welfare.