Hope all moms and moms-to-be had a great Mother's day. Did you take Mom out to brunch? Dinner? I cooked Lynn, my wife and mother of my three wonderful children breakfast. Maybe better said, warmed up breakfast. I made cinnamon rolls from a tube, heat and serve sausage and brewed her a flavored coffee. She liked it!

Vikki enjoying some Hodgman's

We let breakfast digest while Vikki took a nap. Yes, a nap for Vikki at 9am because she woke up at 4:30. Lynn got up to get her, I didn't wake up in time. I was supposed to watch the kids while Lynn slept in. Absolute fail. We, Lynn, Vikki and I caught some movie DVD promotional TV show and Channel 8's morning news at 5am. Long morning, up at 4:35am.

Dylan having some Hodgman's

So while Vikki slept, Lynn and I tried to take a nap as well while watching a movie on Netflix, We caught 'Good Deeds' featuring Tyler Perry, it was excellent. It's like 'Pursuit of Happyness' maybe? I highly recommend it. Needless to say it kept our interest and neither of us fell asleep.

A quick bite for lunch then we're off to New Gloucester for our annual Mother's Day tradition, frozen custard at Hodgman's. Lynn gets the hot fudge sundae, I get a strawberry sundae, Dylan likes a cone and Justin has the hot fudge sundae like Mom. Vikki got a sampler size of vanilla in a cone. Yummy goodness I tell you.

This picture was taken earlier tonight.

Lynn's sister, Stacy came with us to New Gloucester and also hung out for awhile. We chit, we chat we discussed shoes for Vikki's dolls. I ended up Facebooking when the women checked out doll clothes online. Dinner, which I helped in making, was set for 5:30 pm. A Purdue roasted chicken in a bag, mashed potatoes and asparagus. That pretty much wrapped up the day. Now it's 2-0, Leafs in the Bruins-Toronto game. Looks like there will be a game 7, go Boston!